Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One more out the door.

Well one of the 5, anyway. Another check to deposit in the bank...And that is it.
I have to ship one off to the east coast, and the last 2 will be local.
Back to the drawing board, literally.
Actually I haven't had a chance to get there, yet, but I am working up to it. All I really want to do now, is bake something, and focus on what I will make for dinner. The art will come.

In the past week, I have made homemade pasta for lasagna, made the lasagna. With J's help, I made some fettuccini and served it with a tuna sauce. Tuna sauce with fettuccini may sound gross -- like tuna casserole or something, but it is nothing like it. It starts with an onion (doesn't everything?) and then you add to it from there, some garlic, a little wine, some broth, some herbs and then a can of tuna. Let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes, this allows the flavors to meld, the tuna breaks down and it becomes a sauce. Then you toss it with the pasta. It's great, really. And very economical. Homemade pasta really isn't that hard, for some reason I remember it to be an involved project that took up the whole kitchen and using the pasta machine might bring me to tears, but no more. I guess I have matured since those days. Ha.

That was last weekend, Monday and Tuesday I made chicken, Monday saut├ęd, Tuesday I oven fried it. Neither one was anything special really, other than the fact that it was done before 9:00PM. Today, was the cook's night off. The husband has his weekly poker match on Wednesdays, so no cooking is necessary. I would have baked something, but by the time I washed all the dishes form last night and today, I just wasn't into it. Tomorrow. I want to bake a chocolate cake with Guinness stout that was in the March issue of Gourmet. The problem is, I can't find the magazine anywhere. I can find the March 2001 issue, but not the one from last month. It's here somewhere.

Oh, and I have my second job interview in 12 years on Monday at 10:00AM. Good times.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Moving ahead, a little

I have made some progress with the new studio. My easle has been set up, along with the pallette.
It's crowded, but I think I can still work on that. J. reminded me that he will not be throwing out the stuff that is crammed beneath the desk, that is being tossed.

I have only released one of the 5 paintings that I have sold. I am ready to ship one to New Jersey. And tomorrow I may drop another one off to it's new owner. It's a wierd (in a good way) feeling to sell your artwork. It has been with me for a while, now it's going to go to someone else's house. It feels so intimate, but probably only to me. They are sort of like my children, and now I am sending them off to other destinations, never to be seen in person again by me. A little sad, but then I get the check for their sale, and I realize that it is time to move onward. To let these go, so that other works of art can be created, and hopefully share the same destiny.

I still have not created anything new. I need to quiet my life a bit, get back to the job hunt (yes, that is still going on). Also, there is more freelance work going on.

Monday, April 18, 2005

La Art Walk

I went to the LA Artwalk, in downtown LA last Thursday. If you have not been to this, it is definitely worth checking out.
The vibe is great, the art is varied. There was some quality art there. I went with another friend, (something I recommend, as the area is a litle dicey). we got a late start, so we just barely scratched the surface, but if you plan to go down there you should check out Bert Green Fine Art.

Someone else blogged about it here in greater detail. And there are pictures.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

This is interesting, and fun....

I don't know Duane Keiser, but I came across his blog: "A Painting a Day"

Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm going to back up a bit here, date-wise...
I wanted to post these pictures of the final exhibition I had in my studio
before I vacated it.

Relocation Project
3/36/05 - 3/31/05
Hollywood, CA

Relocation Project 1

Another Angle:

Relocation Project 2

Moving into the front room:

Relocation Project 3

Here are some paintings that were in the show:

Storm II


Tropical Storm

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Transition Continues

I am unable to set up the studio until I get rid of the remainder of the stuff that was there before. J will help me, and I can't do it alone, but he hasn't had time. For now, I am working on the computer, not art stuff but business stuff. My desk is here, in the corner of the living room, with a little desk lamp. It feels very nice to be home again. I can start cooking dinner while I work and dinner will be ready for us when J comes home from work. I know this is novel - like changing jobs, but it feels different and new, and I like it. For some reason , I feel like it's OK to go out and run errands in the middle of the day, and not be tied to the office, like I was before. I don't know how that happened, feeling like I could not leave the office for an afternoon. I am self-(un)employed, after all.

I am working on a website for a fellow artist (the paying gig). I got stuck on the paying gig, so I started working on my own website. That's where my head is at now, anyway, my own artwork.
Energy follows intent, so someone once said to me. So I will be thoughtful when it comes to my own energy.
I am really thinking about marketing my art, making more steps in that direction. I don't exactly know what to do, but I am itching to create more artwork. The show was very motivating, and I really need to add to my body of work.
Once my own website is up to date, I will post pictures. This blog needs them, I think.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The relocation...

The move is over, the stuff is home.
I haven't set up my home studio, yet, but I have made progress. I have a website to finish for a client first, so the painting will have to wait.

The Reloctaion Project went well, I sold a total of 7 works of art, and I definitely think I may do this again.
Not relocate (for a while, anyway) but have a solo show. They are really the best, more work, but worth it.
Although some day, I think I would like to have a showing in an established gallery.

About the art...

The lights come down today. When I had the first exhibition here, J hung some lights that were only meant to last 2 weeks. Seven years later, they are still there. Some of the bulbs have lasted that long too.

The computer and it's table will also be dismantled.
Where, in our apartment all of this stiff will end up, is anyone's guess. Somehow it will all work out. It has to.

Why Art, and what is the Other Stuff

I gave up my painting studio of seven years to make room for other things in my life.

It sounds strange, giving up space to make more room, and yet it makes so much sense.

I plan to continue my art career as if nothing has changed. I will post paintings and write about the process.

As for the other stuff, I am looking for a full-time job. If I should cook, or bake something spectacular, you better believe that you will be reading about it here.

Now, as I end one chapter in my life to start a new one, I remind myself that it is still the same life that I have imagined, that I must trust, because, after all, I am still breathing.