Monday, June 06, 2005

Life Continues

The canvas has been sized, I e-mailed the helpful people at Gamblin Paint and they informed me that I did not have to put more than one coat of size on the canvas. So, I purchased some of their primer and I will eventually prime them. I hope to get to it this week.
As usual, the work for hire stretches on. I keep waiting for that chunk of time that never seems to appear, so that I can lose myself in the process. I did start this painting:


This was done a couple of weekends ago. Begun on one of the most perfect Saturday's ever.
It is not finished, I rarely finish a piece in one session. The foreground bothers me.
There is nothing going on there. I took the digital picture, so that I could experiment with it in photoshop.
I am not sure what to do about this at this point, but I know the answers will come.
It's hard to just stop working on something -- the other work gets in the way and I worry that the inspiration will fade.
I am trying to keep this to myself - other than this blog, so that the power of the inner vision stays with me.

A word about the Rabbit Skin Glue: I had a little left over, so I put it back into the fridge, although I think I left it our a few days in the studio. Anyway, it's moldy now. So it really doesn't keep long. 2 weeks I would say at the most. Good to know.
As for the prime, I will do 2 coats and in 2 weeks I will finally be ready to paint on the "oil primed linen".

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